Technology for a Systems Approach in the Development of Military Education under the Rapid Development and Growth of Armaments and Equipment


  • Vadym Ryzhykov
  • Kira Horiacheva
  • Oleksandr Bondarenko
  • Oleg Prokhorov
  • Anatolii Yurkov



Research on military education under the rapid development and growth of armaments and equipment is booming. The field is continually gaining more key insights about this important and complex pedagogical problem. Academic interest on the systemic approach in the development of military education has consistently been a multidisciplinary effort. But perhaps systemic approach in pedagogic researchers are particularly well situated to be the leading voices on the public’s understanding of military education and many are heeding the call. With that responsibility in mind, in this paper, we offer to consider four elements of the educational process for the future of pedagogic research that we believe can help focus this line of inquiry to better ensure we address some of the most pressing problems. Based on critical assessments of the gaps in the literature, the paper cites the need to combine all elements of the educational process into a single system to achieve a focused result in the training of military personnel in educational institutions. Our list is not exhaustive, nor do we suggest that areas we do not cover are not important. Rather, we make these observations with the goal of spurring a conversation about the future of military education research, but especially a systemic approach in the development of military education.