Creative Industries in Russian Regions: Challenges of Establishment and Conditions for Development


  • I.S. Glebova
  • S.S. Berman
  • N.A. Semenоva
  • R.R. Galiachmetov



The most important pillar in the strategy for modernizing resource-based economies is the transition to a new, creative model of socio-economic development. It is the ability of creative and technologically dynamic countries to develop new ideas using advanced technologies.
However, under current circumstances, the creative economy is not the main driving force of the Russia's economic growth. This is largely due to the insufficient degree of creative initiatives in most regions and, in general, their creative underdevelopment. Creative industries in Russia are still not considered as an object of management research; there is no system for regulating the creative sector of the economy at both federal and regional levels. The choice of methodology remains an open-ended question, since there is no single approach to defining the concept and estimating creative industries. The need to fill the methodological, organizational, and managerial gaps in the sphere of the Russian creative economy proves the relevance of the chosen topic and requires its in-depth research.
In the article, the researchers present the calculation of the Сomposite Сreativity Index for the regions of the Russian Federation in dynamics for a nine-year period based on the methodology developed by the authors. The purpose of the study is to test the proposed methodology and search for effective organizational and managerial tools for the creative industries development in the Russian regions to establish the programs of territories socio-economic development.