A New Indirect Sensitive and Green CFIA Method for Assay of α-cypermethrin Insecticide in Pure Form, Biological and Industrial Samples Using N-Bromo Succinamide as Oxidizing Agent in Acidic Medium


  • Mohaned R. Mohamed
  • Bushra B. Qassim




A new simple, sensistive and green environmental method of Flow-injection/merging zones technique was developed for indirect determination of α-cypermethrin pesticide in pure form, industrial and biological samples. This method based on oxidation reaction of pesticide (α-cypermethrin) with a calculated increase of N-bromosuccinamide (NBS) in acidic medium then react with Tartrazine dye (TART) and estimation of the excess of the oxidizing agent by measuring the residual absorption of TART (yellow color) at λmax = 430nm, this method is a green chemistry, low cost and less consumption of poisonous chemical reagents. The limit of detection and limit of quantification for this method are 0.05 μg.ml-1 and 0.17 μg.ml-1 respectively, RSD% = 0.69% and the recovery is about = 102.15%. Chemical and physical parameters was optimized that effect on the pesticide reaction. The calibration curve was linear within concentration range (0.5 – 30) μg.mL-1 with sampling through put is about 65 sample.hour-1; the results of determination were compared with those given by trusted method (HPLC). No significant differences between both methods regarding in terms of accuracy and precision at 95% dependability level.