Impact of Civil Society in Policy and Governance: How Art Impacts the Society’s Awareness


  • Kshitij Naikade
  • Pragya Bansal



As we progress towards an informed and participatory society, we seek more creative ways to express our support or dissent towards the state or our fellow citizens. Arts provide a unique platform for such expressions and have been influencing the collective conscience of people for generations. It has given a voice to the people against injustice and political apathy and has been building a stronger community that stands against the wrath of the government. In December 2019, when the Indian Parliament approved the Citizenship Amendment, the nation witnessed a massive surge in reliance on different forms of art to raise awareness and bring people together. The Internet and social media have propelled these artworks to the global arena and have made protesting more accessible. From human rights violations to corruption, art has touched every arena of social activism. This paper seeks to explore the influence of arts on society and how it has been a catalyst for social change.