An Analysis of Financial Knowledge and Financial Behaviour of Teachers Working in Higher Learning Institutions in Hyderabad


  • Gutti R.K. Prasad
  • Prof. Byju John



In todays' complex and fast-changing economy, financial literacy is an essential skill, especially for the economically deprived. Due to the recent pandemic Covid - 19, the importance of financial knowledge and behaviour occupied a prominent place in India and worldwide. Many individuals suffered during this pandemic period since they do not have sufficient savings and investment to use critical situations and do not have regular earnings. But financial education is not the only skill needed to have appropriate economic behaviour. The study's objective is to analyse and understand teachers' financial knowledge and behaviour working in higher learning institutions in Hyderabad since they are instrumental in moulding their student community to uplift the economy. Adopted a structured questionnaire for this study, which contains two sections: section 1 contains Socio-demographic variables, and section 2 consists of variables relating to financial numeracy, knowledge, attitude and behaviour. Descriptive analysis has been used to analyse the data and found that only 21% of the teachers' possess a higher level of financial numeracy skills, 23% have a higher level of knowledge in finance. Concerning financial behaviour, 48.5% of teachers working in higher learning institutions in Hyderbad have high financial behaviour. This study can help different stakeholders such as policymakers, academic institutions, and corporate entities enhance literacy levels in finance in general and teachers working in higher learning institutions to improve individuals' economic wellness.