Indian Society, Infertility, and Infidelity in Manju Kapur’s Fiction Custody


  • Kuntal Beniwal
  • Dr. Ritu Sharma



In the contemporary era, women’s liberation can be interpreted as the most prevalent phrase in literature. The status and condition of women is constantly changing with the influence of information and education today. Indian society has been referred to as a closed-minded society, yet the women here are able to break those glass ceilings and gracefully handle constraints put by the patriarchal structure in quest of marking a mark for them and create an identity of their own. In the novels of Manju Kapur, we come across female characters that are struggling enough to stand tall as their male counterparts. In her novel, Custody Manju Kapur delivers acumen about the female psyche by raising serious issues like liberalization, globalization, infertility, and meaninglessness in marriages. She also explores the impact of divorce on children. Even after India got its independence, the condition of the women has not changed much in Indian society. Manju Kapur openly discusses the conditions women live in modern times and challenges they face. This is her fifth novel that largely talks about the outlook of both men and women on infidelity and infertility and its outcome and impact. This research aims at the martial relation with a completely new vision.