Designer Concepts of Eco Interior and Russian Wicker Furniture


  • Yuri Nikitovich Kepa



The study is devoted to the modern eco-style and the use of Russian wicker furniture made of natural and ecological materials – vines in interior design. The subject of research is the design concepts in the interior eco-style design and artistic furniture from natural and ecological materials. The research topic is the relationship between folk furniture art and modern interior design, which can be considered as the basis for creating original furniture products from ecological raw materials for equipping interior space. The study applied a stylistic analysis in relation to the eco-style, project activities with the practice of interior design, furniture design, and art history analysis, considering the history of Russian wicker furniture production. The analysis of the history of folk furniture design from the creativity of Russian folk craftsmen – woven weavers to modern interior designers and the conceptual connection of furniture products and interior eco-style decoration items was carried out. The motives of the appeal to the creation of wicker furniture products of professional furniture designers are shown. The results of the study fill in underdeveloped areas in the design of modern interior space and the use of Russian wicker furniture in the interior design, made in the eco-style