Design of Novel Dual Band Rectangular Patch Antenna (DB-RPA) to Enhance the Gain and Comparing with Circular Patch Antenna


  • A. Benu Gopala Krishna Murthy
  • G. Uganya



Aim: Microstrip patch antennas are rapidly used in the areas of wireless systems due to its low cost and lightweight. But still it has research issues like narrow bandwidth, poor efficiency, and low gain. The objective of this study is to enhance the gain of Novel DB-RPA antenna. This work presents the comparative analysis of gain enhancement between rectangular and circular patch antennas. Materials & Methods: Dual band rectangular patch antenna (DB-RPA) and circular patch antenna (CPA) are designed to enhance the gain of the antenna by using HFSS software and by collecting the dataset of 40 samples with pretest power of 80%. The gain of CPA is 1.89 dB and DB-RPA is 4.66 dB. The directivity of CPA is 3.52 dB and DB-RPA is 4.89 dB. Results: On performing an independent sample t-test on the two groups considered, it appears that the mean gain of Novel DB-RPA is 3.0755 and CPA is 0.8820 with significance value of 0.001 (p<0.05). Conclusion: From this study, it is found that DB-RPA design appears to have 71% higher gain and 58% higher directivity with comparison of CPA design.