The Impact of Lean Technology on the Efficiency of Medical Organizations


  • Vladimir Alexandrovich Shelgunov



The financial problems of the health sector affect almost all countries. The introduction of market mechanisms in this sector, despite the resistance, has become inevitable. Today, hospital managers are faced with competition and rules that govern the market, which de facto forces them to optimize business, including financial activities, using tools that are specific to the market environment. One of the methods of optimizing the activities of medical organizations is the use of the Lean management concept.
The purpose of this article is to consider the impact of the use of Lean technology on the efficiency and quality of the work of medical organizations.
The article provides a detailed description of the use of Lean technologies in medical organizations. Based on the expert survey, the types of losses in medical organizations and Lean management tools in the healthcare sector have been determined.
It has been concluded that the use of Lean technology in medical organizations will contribute to the rationalization of processes in the healthcare sector: minimizing the number of medical errors and nosocomial infections, reducing treatment time, while at the same time making hospital beds more accessible, using fewer materials and waiting for a visit to a specialist doctor, and optimizing the use of resources (premises, equipment, and materials). These and many other positive effects of using the Lean approach in medical organizations lead to a significant reduction not only in the cost of treating patients but also in the global cost of operating medical organizations.