Impact of Domestic Tourism on Attracting Investment: Organizing and Regulating of Tourism Activities by Municipal Authorities


  • Anna Alexandrovna Silaeva
  • Elena Nikolaevna Podsevalova
  • Sergey Anatolyevich Makushkin
  • Evgeniya Olegovna Ermolaeva
  • Yulia Petrovna Maidanevych



The article deals with the experience of tourism management at the level of municipal districts. Currently, the tourism industry is going through hard times due to the general economic decline and travel restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of the article is to define the most promising routes for cooperation between local authorities and business to support tourism in modern conditions. Although the possibilities and mechanisms of tourism development in cities and towns largely depend on the national tourism management model best global practices indicate the importance of the coordinating function fulfilled by the local authorities. To successfully solve the key problems of tourism development at the regional and local levels, one must organize the cooperation of the key interested parties: tourists, small and large businesses, local communities, and authorities. Special consideration is given to attracting outside investment to the tourism industry within the framework of public-private partnerships. The main conclusions are made based on the analysis of statistical data and the current trends of development of the domestic and foreign situation. The authors conclude that only domestic tourism can be promising under the present conditions. The problems are defined and recommendations are given for the improvement of the tourism industry in Russia. The practical significance of the study consists in systematization and actualization of theoretical approaches to analyzing the possible routes for recovering and further developing the tourism industry in the Russian Federation.