Economic and Legal Support of Marketing Communications in the Tourism Sector


  • Victor Ivanovich Gladkikh
  • David Isakovich Aminov
  • Alla Borisovna Konovalova
  • Pavel Nikolaevich Sharonin
  • Sergei Vladimirovich Feoktistov



The article deals with the economic and legal support of marketing communications in the tourism sector. It is established that marketing communications in the tourism sector consist in making the tourism enterprise, as well as corresponding tourism products and services recognizable and attractive to consumers at the national and international level. It is determined that marketing communication covers any activity of a travel company, informing and reminding consumers and the market about its activities and the provision of tourism services. Currently, the creation of a regulatory framework for marketing communications can be affirmed; however, the topic of marketing communications in the tourism sector is not sufficiently covered and regulated, especially in the advertising field. Among the variety of laws regulating marketing communications in the tourism sector, one can find particular articles concerning communication activities, although the specifics of regulating the process of promoting the sale of tourism products are not legally enshrined.